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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are? Well not apparently who I thought I was! All my life I've known myself to be Spanish/Portuguese (father's side) and Mexican/ Native American (mother's side). It wasn't until last week that I was handed a different story.

Shocked? I certainly was, these test came in at 5am and the buzz of my iPhone woke me up from a dead sleep and without vision. 

BAM! The word Persian hit me smack in the face.

PERSIAN--That's the only word my less than stellar eyes focused on. Then slowly another set of words came into focus--NATIVE SOUTH AMERICAN?? WTF? I laid there...dumbfounded. Worse was knowing that deep down my husband knew this information before I did since my DNA was ordered under his Ancestry account and I know his nosey self was not about to forward that email without first reading it for himself!!

What am going to do with this new knowledge? NO IDEA!  I had order my DNA to be tested after coming up against a brick wall in my family ancestry tree. For both sets of parents I have not uncovered any information/documentation as of where anyone after my grandparents may have come from, lived or even even what their true names really are for that matter! I can not believe how very little information was kept. My best guess would have been that the highest percentage of any group in my DNA would have been the Native North American ethnic group. WRONG.

Smack...there's a pie (chart) in your face.

A silver lining?  These results came with a list of names of other people who are a genetic match... 2 people of which are 3rd cousins (with a 98% chance of a us being a true relative match), 46 are potential 4th thru 6th cousins (with a 96% chance)  and over 400 6th thru 8th cousins (with a 50% chance). 

I guess I have to begin writing emails and start asking these strangers if they know who I am!

Side note: 
I have been reading through blogs and member boards about people who are alarmed, disappointed and just plain old pissed off about their DNA results. Chill out people, many of you didn't read the small print, and many of you should know by now that families keep secrets! So be careful when you start digging into the past. 
Also try to remember that a genetic tree always differs from a family tree. So if your results really tossed you for a spin, try easing up and start asking your grandmother some questions. 

Like: Who do you think you are? or better yet...Who's your daddy?!


The Other Side of Me said...

I was surprised by the southern European influence. Did not see that coming. Happy hunting. I hope you find what you are looking for.
PS. Post your new haircut!!


Lee said...

Very interesting- cool thing to do. I may have to look into it!! xo

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